Case Studies

These case studies look at popular topics and have the benefit of hindsight. Sometimes things worked out very well, and at at other times there were some important lessons to learn. Mistakes can be painful, even more so if you make them the second time around.

As Confucius said “you obviously weren’t paying attention to what I said the first time”.

KYO for President Office Furniture

The revolutionary KYO office system only found its name a few months before launch. It followed an uncompromising approach to ensure the brand and promotion matched what was to be an enormous shift in product innovation, not just up to date but the future at work. The name KYO was Japanese and means “today” or… Continue reading KYO for President Office Furniture

The British Contract Furnishing Association

The BCFA in 2007 had been experiencing a long-term decline in the number of members and revenues were under threat. As 2008 approached, which was to include  an unseen recession, the future of the Association would be tested. Key actions were identified to form a strategy that would slow down and reverse the decline in… Continue reading The British Contract Furnishing Association

Luke Hughes & Company

Luke Hughes and Company are that rare find, a company that understands how contemporary design can work in any style and age of building. With a wonderfully talented team in place, but with debts and a stagnating turnover, growth in sales and profits were essential. The strategy developed was to widen the customer base to… Continue reading Luke Hughes & Company

Arenson Group plc

As told by Colin Watson “The Arenson Group were a member of Skandinavisk Industries, a top 5 European group of Office Furniture business’s. An ongoing issue was the planning and control of new product development. Although in the UK the process was well managed we wanted a process that could more effectively measure our results,… Continue reading Arenson Group plc

Thorn Security

Thorn Security, part of the Thorn EMI Group,  had suffered a long-term decline is their installed base of intruder alarms. To senior management this was indeed alarming and the main cause was unknown. Research into the demographics and scale of the problem were completed in a very short timescale and vitally a way found to… Continue reading Thorn Security