Arenson Group plc

As told by Colin WatsonV3 004

“The Arenson Group were a member of Skandinavisk Industries, a top 5 European group of Office Furniture business’s. An ongoing issue was the planning and control of new product development.

Although in the UK the process was well managed we wanted a process that could more effectively measure our results, speed up decision making and ensure investment decisions were justified.innovation-practices-metrics-and-performance-by-kenneth-kahn-phd-of-vcus-da-vinci-center-for-innovation-13-638

I attended an induction programme with Bob Cooper in Copenhagen which our Group arranged. Bob was the innovator of the Stage Gate model where a product or system development process is divided into stages separated by gates. To progress to a further stage and pass a gate, certain requirements must be achieved. Becoming fully trained in the process it was introduced to the company and improved the selection of the best product ideas, controlled costs and improved time to market.”

The control of product life-cycles is fundamental for a successful business. Investment in product design with well planned products that gives the customer new benefits on a consistent basis will retain their loyalty and speed to market gains competitive advantage.

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