Strategy & Planning

Strategy and Planning. Will cover medium to long term goals for the business and the activities required to achieve this. The scope of business areas includes all operational activities.

Marketing and Sales. Business strategy starts with Marketing and all aspects to understand the market, customers, competition and how to achieve the most profitable sales.

Short Case Study 1: Strategy, Planning and Hard Work.

The British Contract Furnishing Association


The BCFA in 2007 had been experiencing a long-term decline in the number of members and revenues were under threat. As 2008 approached, which was to include  an unseen recession, the future of the Association would be tested. Continue reading


Short Case Study 2: Presentation, Persistence and Sales.

Luke Hughes & Company

IMG_5007 PS

Luke Hughes and Company are that rare find, a company that understands how contemporary design can work in any style and age of building. With a wonderfully talented team in place, but with debts and a stagnating turnover, growth in sales and profits were essential. Continue reading