Branding. Customers buy products that satisfy their requirements most effectively, which relate to a combination of price, performance, service, availability or relationships.

These elements, among others, constitute the company or product brand and when communicated to the market will support the motivation to buy and build loyalty. We have considerable experience in brand creation and implementation, that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Communications. Advertising, promotions and social media are all part of what should be a coordinated approach to communicate with target audiences. These may be existing customers, other prospects and specifiers who will influence sale. Getting this right requires creativity, planning and focus on activities that provide the maximum response.

Short Case Study 1: Launching a Brand

KYO for President Office Furniture

The revolutionary KYO office system only found its name a few months before launch. It followed an uncompromising approach to ensure the brand and promotion matched what was to be an enormous shift in product innovation, not just up to date but the future at work.

Kyo Mix Mag 3

The name KYO was Japanese and means “today” or “of the moment” and allowed the creative team to use reflective style to the brand logo. Continue reading