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Welcome to Watson King where the term, Knowledge Speaks but Wisdom Listens, sums up our approach to creating success.

Vitally, we listen carefully to understand how a business works and what makes it tick – from its people, the products and services offered to the customers and what they expect. From this total understanding we have the experience and skills to create the most effective strategy for success. A more successful and profitable business or organisation – long term.


Colin Watson |CEO | Watson King                         

“I have tremendous respect and admiration for the way that you have turned the organisation around over the last 8 years, making it in to the brand and the force that is now is in the furniture industry.”

Board Director, Seating Manufacturer

“Colin combines market insight, creativity, energy and wit with a calming, friendly personality. He managed the rare task of taking a UK product launch and turning it into an internationally recognised brand, not an everyday occurrence in the furniture world!”

Director, Design Company