Business Development & Operational Support

Product Strategy. This requires a thorough understanding of what a business does best and the scope of what is possible. The most successful businesses control product life cycles, go to market quickly and invest in design consistently over the years.

Advice on procurement of products for sale and components for production can also be provided.

Distribution Channels. Supplying products directly to the customer, through distributors, online and internationally all require a clear understanding and plan to ensure and effective support programme.

Wider Relations. At times, it is necessary to require services that are unfamiliar such as Government relations, technical issues, regulations and legal matters. Finding these sources and services are best resolved with help and advice.

Links and Other Services. With extensive knowledge and a broad range of contacts, Watson King can advise on a range of business services.

Short Case Study 1: Controlling Product Lifecycles

Arenson Group plc

As told by Colin WatsonV3 004

“The Arenson Group were a member of Skandinavisk Industries, a top 5 European group of Office Furniture business’s. An ongoing issue was the planning and control of new product development. Continue reading


Short Case Study 2: Research and Speed of Response.

Thorn Security

Thorn Security, part of the Thorn EMI Group,  had suffered a long-term decline is their installed base of intruder alarms. To senior management this was indeed alarming and the main cause was unknown. Research into the demographics and scale of the problem were completed in a very short timescale and vitally a way found to talk to competitors who were offering better deals. Continue reading