About Us

Watson King provide a business advice service to companies in the B2B sector, principally on Strategy and Planning, Sales and Marketing, and Business Development.

Our experience is unique as it not only includes a range of industries and businesses but is also appropriate for SME’s and larger companies. The key factor is eight years directing and managing an industry Association and board positions in related organisations. It has included visits to more than 600 businesses to gain a detailed understanding of their operations, providing advice and support, and has created a unique knowledge set.

Our focus is to help establish a competitive advantage, whether that is in product strategy, distribution channels, sales and marketing or overall business strategy. We can offer a combination of knowledge and experience with an outstanding creative process.

Colin Watson

Colin Watson is one of the most respected and knowledgeable professionals in the European interiors, furnishing and design industries.  Until June 2020 he was Secretary General of the FEMB (European Office Furniture Federation). Previously was Managing Director of the BCFA (British Contract Furnishing Association), and sat on several boards including FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association), the BFC (British Furniture Confederation) and the Creative Industries Sector Advisory Board for the UK Government. 

He previously worked in senior marketing roles for BTR, GEC and Thorn EMI, before joining office furniture group Arenson as Marketing and Design Director where he worked on pan European projects. Prior to joining the BCFA in 2007 he was Managing Director of London-based Luke Hughes and Company, specialists in interior design and high-quality furnishing.

Industry Experience

Industry experience is diverse and includes Distributors, Wholesalers, Direct to Client, Local and National Government, Specifiers such as Architects, Designers and Buying Groups. The territories for business relations, for the sale and the purchase of goods,  includes the UK, Europe, the USA, Middle East, China and Japan.

Areas of Experience

Furnishing buildings in Education, Health, Hospitality, the Workplace, Museums, Ecclesiastic settings and Street Furniture. Interior Design. Structural systems for Warehousing, Safety and Construction. Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Environmental Control Systems and Building Management Systems. Access Control, CCTV, Security Guards and Intruder Detection. Retail, Bank and Military Security.