The Bucket

It used to be that a soapbox was the best way to express your views to the public, in some ways it still is. But online, something called a Blog is now used. It doesn’t sound like the cleanest way to do it, and if we are talking about a chamber to enhance conversation I am in favour, like Oor Wullie, of the bucket. It can hold a considerable amount, it is transportable and is eminently multi purpose. So I can sit down, like my good friend from *Auchenshoogle, and give you my views and those of others too. My “views from the Bucket” are intended to educate but also entertain so I hope you will be a regular visitor.

*There is no truth that this was the inspiration for the German Google site.

Note: Our Wullie (Our William) is a fictional character published by the D.C. Thomson newspaper The Sunday Post and any resemblance to persons living, such as Boris Johnson, are totally coincidental. Helping Children speak Scottish, for fun. Follow the link below

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