Luke Hughes & Company

Luke Hughes and Company are that rare find, a company that understands how contemporary design can work in any style and age of building. With a wonderfully talented team in place, but with debts and a stagnating turnover, growth in sales and profits were essential.

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The strategy developed was to widen the customer base to take advantage of different buying cycles, build relationships with potential customers and improve the presentation at the point of tender.

Bringing in new presentation resources and encouraging the talented but inexperienced sales team the company went from third place, to second and then first in sales pitches. The reputation grew and word spread and with a first class range of products the company trebled its turnover in 4 years and gained clients like BP, Royal Bank of Scotland, Diagio, Mandarin Oriental, Buckingham Palace and the Tate Modern.

The British Contract Furnishing Association

The BCFA in 2007 had been experiencing a long-term decline in the number of members and revenues were under threat. As 2008 approached, which was to include  an unseen recession, the future of the Association would be tested.



Key actions were identified to form a strategy that would slow down and reverse the decline in membership, reset the fee structure for new members, articulate the value of being a member and introduce an intensive communication programme. Over 600 visits were made in 8 years to existing and prospective members to build relationships and understand what made them tick and of course what they needed from the Association. The resulting programme of actions reversed the decline in membership and allowed it to grow again.

The average value of a membership  increased by 46% and the BCFA reserves grew by 177%. Hard work by a dedicated team following good strategy and a persistent programme of activity worked even during difficult economic times. You cannot underestimate just how much time it may take for a plan of action to resolve a long term problem, particularly if you have to overcome a less than pristine reputation. Believe in the strategy, modify when necessary and be persistent.