Lord, is it That Time Already?

As a young businessman I was told about the importance of Time Management and was trained accordingly. The methods to manage your time were mainly mechanical and TMI (Time Management International) were the leaders in the paper based system. Some may remember the leather-bound compendiums that were a couple of steps above the more common Filofax. You had to work at it to schedule your time and activities.

PICT0008 AToday you don’t really have to think about it as your devices can do it for you. You can even ask Cortana or her brother Siri to remind you.

Are we as skilled in Time Management today? I am not sure, but whether we are or not it ranks high on my list as a skill to master. Dividing up time to do things sounds like an easy thing but today it includes our business and personal lives and if you want to be a time lord it needs a formal approach best achieved by some training. Who would I say is a good role model? well perhaps ask your Doctor!

Dr and Cyber PS


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